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Creative Praxis is passionate about the power of media, and we are always interested in publishing stories with outlets across the globe. If you are a member of the media and would like to cover Creative Praxis' work, please contact


Purple Queen Interview, PQRADIO1 


Day for community healing, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Kensington orgs facilitate youth study on community policing, Philadelphia Gay News


Kensington and Fairhill youth leaders talk community safety: ‘To be safe means that you see me as a full human being worthy of life, worthy of respect, worthy of honor, and worthy of value’, Kensington Voice


‘My voice matters’: Kensington and Fairhill youth have answers to improve community safety, AL DÍA News


Seeking accountability & finding hope, The Daily Mail


Transforming how the media portrays young people, American Friends Service Committee


Watching the words we use to talk about young people, American Friends Service Committee


The power of words, American Friends Service Committee

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