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Philadelphia Youth Gather for first “Youth Jawn” Teen Summit Published by: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

"Young people between the ages of 14 and 24 years old are in a developmentally important time physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually,” said Founder of Creative Praxis Nia Eubanks-Dixon.  “Young people growing up in the City today are dealing with the pervasive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the mass trauma from the unending attacks on black and brown people, and a gun violence epidemic in our city. By bringing together youth from across the City, we can provide spaces for teens and young adults to connect with each other and reimagine what thriving public spaces in Philadelphia can be. This summit was designed to give young people an active voice in creating solutions for our City.”


Philly teens say safety concerns hinder city rec center, Philadelphia Inquirer

Purple Queen Interview, PQRADIO1 


Day for community healing, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly community orgs facilitate youth study on community policing, Pennsylvania Capital Star

“The leaves are just a manifestation of what’s happening at the trunk level,” she said. “[We guide] young people to really start to think about what is the root cause for some of the things that we see in our community, like homelessness, gun violence and police brutality. What are the things that are holding this up, that are allowing this to happen and what is the root cause of that?”

Kensington orgs facilitate youth study on community policing, Philadelphia Gay News


Kensington and Fairhill youth leaders talk community safety: ‘To be safe means that you see me as a full human being worthy of life, worthy of respect, worthy of honor, and worthy of value’, Kensington Voice


‘My voice matters’: Kensington and Fairhill youth have answers to improve community safety, AL DÍA News


Seeking accountability & finding hope, The Daily Mail


Transforming how the media portrays young people, American Friends Service Committee


Watching the words we use to talk about young people, American Friends Service Committee


The power of words, American Friends Service Committee

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