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understanding how power, oppression, and liberation shape learning spaces

Creative Praxis is deeply committed to anti-racist decolonizing learning spaces. To that end, curriculums that we use or help develop have a strong emphasis on history, power, and identity as well as our connection to the land we are on. In our curriculums, we work to talk about the intersectionality of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and other oppressive structures and the way they manifest in our physical bodies, institutions, and the very land that we live on.


Our trainings work with staff and young people to not only think about social justice efforts that resist systems of oppression, but also the new infrastructures they must build in pursuit of social change. As educators, it is our duty to ensure that young people feel safe and comfortable bringing their whole selves to the space. This means learning about and incorporating youth's histories, cultures, and identities into the structure of the environment. It also means reflecting and understanding your own identities and how they shape you as an educator. Through art, individual, and collective activities, educators and youth come away from our trainings understanding how their learning spaces can be fundamentally geared toward liberation. 

To learn more about our anti-oppression framework, visit the main Approaches and Trainings page or email

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