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understanding, preventing, and resolving conflict

Building community is a central part of restorative practice, as indicated by The International Institute for Restorative Practice. According to their research, 70% of all trainings, educational experiences or gatherings should be spent on building a community; this will ultimately decrease the amount of time organizations spend addressing conflict. Knowing this, Creative Praxis offers a clear pathway for participants to cultivate community and build authentic relationships. This helps to foster vulnerability, connection, compassion, empathy, and self-efficacy in the space and beyond. “I see you, but I am also able to stand in and validate my own power.”

Our trainings teach that conflict is a natural and healthy part of all communities, including learning communities. Through restorative practices, participants learn how to plan for conflict and face it with confidence rather than fear. We share and practice nonviolent de-escalation tactics as well, giving educators tangible skills to take into their classrooms immediately. Some trainings include a nonviolent de-escalation certification for all who finish. 

Elements of restorative practice are integral to all Creative Praxis trainings. We also offer trainings specifically focused on this critical skillset for educators, administrators, and youth. To learn more, please visit the main Approaches and Trainings page or email

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