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Trauma impacts all people. Youth and educators grapple with their personal and collective trauma in and outside of the learning space. Creative Praxis crafts innovative trainings that speak directly to the specific challenges that educators face, such as burnout, dealing with trauma responses when they show up at home and in learning spaces, and how to develop positive coping strategies for healing and growth.


Trainings are designed to be an interactive, transformative experience. We create space for participants to explore the theory of the content, then provide intentional time for application. Our trauma-informed training is one of the most highly-requested, and leaves individuals and groups with a collection of tools and experiences that can be applied directly to the classroom and entire school/program community.  

We focus on increasing participants' abilities to create trauma-informed and healing-centered spaces using an art-based anti-racist framework. By taking an embodied approach to the understanding of trauma and healing, we enable participants to think about trauma in themselves and the young people they work with on the level of the human body. What activities foster trust, safety, and build healing competencies? We dive deep into these questions through practice.

Creative Praxis' trauma-informed, healing-centered curriculum allows educators and youth the necessary space to build knowledge around these subjects in a safe environment. To learn more about this training, please visit the main Approaches and Trainings page or email

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