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We believe in the power of the community and its ability to heal, transform, educate, organize and ultimately be a catalyst for individual and collective liberation. Therefore, we emphasize community building as a foundational process in each training. Creative Praxis is grounded in 4 key principles of community building:

  • Entering, building, and exiting community: How do we enter into space with another human being? How do we build coming from an asset-based, humanistic framework? How do we exit community in a way that honors the land, the people, and the relationships built?

  • I AM: Creating intentional time for people to explore and share their history, culture, identity, and dreams. 

  • WE ARE: Creating intentional time for the group to establish shared principles and cultivating collective power, trust, and safety

  • The role of conflict in building community: Conflict is a necessary component of building community as it allows to the group to confront and resist systemic oppression and the way it manifests itself in the individual and the group.

Building community in your school, program, or organization is an everyday commitment. Through our trainings, we facilitate deeper understanding of the collective and individual identities and experiences in the room. From there, we are able to build a more solid and resilient foundation. To learn more about how Creative Praxis builds community, visit the main Approaches and Trainings page or email

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